Interview with movie producer manuel de coco

Manuel de Coco was born in 1975 in Athens, Greece. He is a film director and writer, best known for his poetic and transcendental style. He is also well known for traveling to extreme places to explore  humanity’s relationship with spirituality.

He is the founder and festival director of Kimolos International Film Festival in Greece.

He has directed commercials, conferences and TV projects around the world. One of his most important corporate videos was “Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos”.

His first feature film “Unknown Land” (2012) was filmed in Yemen and in Israel. It has participated in many International Film Festivals (Cairo IFF, Sao Paulo IFF, Andrey Tarkovsky IFF, Film Festival Cologne etc.) and won several awards. The film has been banned in many countries of the Arab world and in Israel.

His latest film, is the docu-fiction “Invisible World” (2022), shot over a fifteen – year period in ten countries (Tibet, Mongolia, Russia, Israel, Palestine, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Nepal, India). The film has been banned in China.

Currently he is developing the upcoming feature film “This is Hell”.

Manuel de Coco is also well known for travelling to extreme places to explore humanity’s relationship with spirituality.

Unknown Land
Invisible World
You can’t escape from your sins”


A metaphysical thriller

Following a bloody confrontation three criminals run away from their gang “violating” their pact with the others. After the escape they seek shelter in a distant monastery. But before they get there the road to sanctuary turns into hell…

This is Hell