The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl / Kim Geldenhuys/ South Africa / 12min

An adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s famous short story by the same title, The Little Match Girl. A sad tale of a young girl who tries to sell matches to feed her homeless family, but neglected, dies alone on the cold streets of Cape Town.

Kim Geldenhuys


“… a love for human interaction is at the heart of what we do…we’re drawn to the complexities of working out intimate personal narratives, exploring the domino effects of our actions, and constantly rethinking the visual language with which to craft our stories…”

Kim fell in love with performance and storytelling as a teenager while working as a theatre usher in Cape Town. He began his professional career as a fashion photographer eventually graduating to film where he was able to combine his love of imagery with the intimacy of human performance.

In 1998 Kim founded Egg Films his first production company and in the following years developed a strong local and International clientele. In 2014 he launched 03:07. Since inception, 03:07 has been awarded Production Company of the Year 2018 & 2020 by Ciclope Africa, and was awarded Production Company of the year at Loeries 2019.

Director Statement

The purpose of making this film was to raise awareness for the plight of the homeless and in particular the street children.

Kim Geldenhuys