L over

L over / Virna Esteva / Spain / 10 min

Laura is a young woman that has gone clubbing, After having sex with a guy, he leaves her stranded alongside a sleeping homeless woman. After a while Carlos, Laura’s crush, arrives, and they establish a conversation. Carlos then feels curious about the sleeping woman, but soon realizes that she has taken a brutal beating.

Virna Esteva (23/02/1979) is a writer, nutritionist and scriptwriter. In 2018 she begins in the world of creative writing with her book “Migas eVa J.” published by Universo de letras (Planeta Group). in the year 2021 her third book, “Viviendo del Cuento”, gets released under the same Publisher. Then, she courses the Fantastic Film and Contemporary Fiction’s MD at UOC, achieving the Script Creation Certificate, giving her the opportunity to film her first short-film, L OVER, alongside Eye Slice Pictures.

Virna Esteva