VEINTITRES: Our Labor Saved Lives

VEINTITRES: Our Labor Saved Lives.

VEINTITRES: Our Labor Saved Lives / Djali Brown-Cepeda / USA / 20 min

VEINTITRES: Our Labor Saved Lives is a documentary short directed, produced, and edited by Djali Brown-Cepeda. This film documents the 2021 23-day hunger strike held by undocumented, excluded workers and allies alike whose fight led to New York State’s passing of the Excluded Workers Fund. The $2.1B fund allowed for excluded, undocumented workers to receive COVID relief, the first economic assistance package for undocumented, excluded workers of this kind in the United States. As the Fund Excluded Workers Coalition embarks on this fight for the passage of COVID relief once more in New York State, Brown-Cepeda hopes to direct and produce a feature-length documentary on the FEW Coalition and the strikers who put it all on the line.

Djali Brown-Cepeda