The Last Projection

The Last Projection / Isaac Cañizares / Spain/ 12 min

A lonely boy goes to the cinema to see the latest adventure of his favorite hero, not knowing that when the film ends nothing will ever be the same again.

Isaac Cañizares is a Spanish filmmaker born in Barcelona, a region where he attended the prestigious University ESCAC. He has directed an extended number of projects including features and advertisement. As a film analyst, he has worked in the areas of screenwriting, directing and editing. Cañizares stands out for his visual style. His language focuses on the power of the image and its symbolic narrative. In recent years, he has given lessons to new talents and youngsters that are at risk of social exclusion, aiming to awaken in them his passion for filmmaking as a creative language and tool of self-discovery. Currently, he is working on a long feature script and promoting his short films “The final Screening” and “Dig” in national and international film festivals.

Isaac Cañizares
Jacob Grand
Patricija Waters, Lilly Gereben, Alwin Botwright, Kale Torosyan, Marina Coelho, Gerold Gaspari